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Episode 19 of Swipe Tap Love

"There has to be an end to all these…. I’ve only realise today that Carson i’ve not been loved by you…" - Jessica

Swipe Tap Love is actually so good. 


*cries while watching Lion King in 3D*


my friend richie was really angry one time and he picked up a rock and threw it angrily at the ground but it actually didnt touch the ground it went straight into a gutter so he literally threw a rock at the ground and missed

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you haven’t replied in three minutes what did i do why do you hate me

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in my family i’m the ‘computer whiz’ cause i understand that when u open a new window the previous one isn’t gone 

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a subtle “pick my kids up from school” daytime look

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Coffee Cat Mama (貓屎媽媽) | Yam Ka Jing (任嘉政), So Mei (蘇眉)

"Brother, i could let you know about these but please don’t tell the others alright?" - Yat Kin

TVB Anniversary Gala Promotion Clip (台慶宣傳片) →  Vincent Wong